I’ve had the opportunity to work and observe Adam in a variety of roles. As a student, employee, and club leader, he is nothing short of amazing. He is an incredibly hard worker and brings enthusiasm to every project. I am always impressed by his eagerness to learn and attention to detail. Adam is able to bring a fresh perspective and new ideas to the table, making him an integral part to a team. I’m excited to see what he accomplishes, as I have no doubt that it will be spectacular.

Liz George
Global Community Manager – Pokémon GO
Niantic, Inc.

Adam is a star on the CS CX Insights team. He not only writes great content, but his attention to design detail and tasteful choice of art assets ensures that our reports are not only insightful, but also beautiful and engaging.

Chad Toppass
Customer Experience Analytics
Nintendo of America

I’ve worked closely with Adam on daily VoC summaries and CX Insights release presentations. These contributions are essential to my team to help keep pulse on our fans reactions and are shared globally as well!

Ivan Avila Campillo
Product Lifecycle Management
Nintendo of America

During his time on my team, Adam has acted as a voice for Nintendo as he assisted consumers. He was selected for the CS Letter team after demonstrating clear, effective, and empathetic communication. He is invested in his work and always strives for self-improvement.

Mark Hakanson
Consumer Services Team Leader
Nintendo of America

As my Scriptwriting Techniques student at Full Sail University, Adam’s positive attitude, passion for writing, and creative energy motivated everyone around him. His love of screenwriting played an important role in class discussions, and his meticulous screenwriting skills were an asset during class tables reads. Adam even continued to come to my class after he graduated to offer his superior feedback during table reads. He was, and still is, invaluable to my students and me. Adam works so well in workshop group environments, and he is indispensable during critiques. I would hire him in an instant as a Script Coordinator…. Besides being one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met, I can say without a doubt that he will work very hard to achieve his goal of becoming a successful game writer.

Carol Chiodini
Course Director, Scriptwriting Techniques 
Full Sail University

Adam strives for excellence in everything he does. He is always open minded, available, and knowledgable. I cannot imagine a better collaborator. What I admire most is how he balances his creativity with responsible, inclusive storytelling and truly wants to make the world a better place by using his talent and gifts for good — just like a superhero!

Muara C. Johnston, M.F.A.
California Polytechnic State University

Adam Kuta is an outstanding individual who has a passion for making a difference in the world! He has the innate ability to think beyond the scope of a project to ensure that he delivers what’s being asked of him or his team. His positive attitude, desire to work hard, and his ability to effectively communicate are some of his best traits. I feel confident in saying there isn’t a job or task that Adam wouldn’t be able to handle.

Katie Ross, M.S.
Manager, New Student Initiatives
Full Sail University

Nearly five years ago, I met one of my greatest friends, and someone who has been reliable since day one. Adam Kuta is one of my most dependable friends because of his ambitious attitude, his constant determination, and his honest feedback. Aside from the excellent support and feedback he provides, Adam shines in his art. His emphasis on diversity in writing defines who he is as a person: accepting, progressive, and daring. Many friends and acquaintances look up to him as an inspiration or go to him for assistance or creative ignition.

Whether in a professional setting or a casual setting, Adam keeps a consistent aura of positivity. Adam has helped me in my personal and professional life on multiple occasions. I’m happy to call him my friend.

Kyle Dumont
YouTube Creator and Personality

Adam is a great writer who puts all of his effort into everything he takes on. His writing ability translates well to both prose and script formats, and he has a natural aptitude in writing for young people of any age. In class (Children’s Entertainment), he always had useful insight into the topics and books that we were discussing and always maintained a positive attitude towards the subject matter and his classmates.

Always interested in taking on more, Adam was continually looking for ways to take advantage of the opportunities the course could offer, and often went above and beyond the requirements of an assignment to maximize the potential for learning each assignment could bring. Since the end of the course, we have continued our discourse on his work and the opportunities available in the field as he works towards making his mark in it.

Mark Thomas
Course Director, Children’s Entertainment 
Full Sail University

I have worked with Adam as both his director and his colleague during several theatrical productions over the last five years. Mr. Kuta is a very creative individual that understands the meaning of a deadline. One of our projects was the formation of a sketch comedy group, “The Laughletes.” Adam not only came up with the name of the group, but designed the logo as well. He was instrumental in the success of our endeavor as he became the head writer for the group. His sketches were always relevant, quirky, and downright hilarious. He writes comedic dialogue as if it were simply a natural ability provided to him at birth.

I’ve also had the pleasure to direct him in several theatrical performances of Broadway musicals, most recently in the role of Peter in our acclaimed production of BARE. Adam brought his heart and soul to that role and offered up a briliant, moving performance. His work ethic is outstanding. Once he commits to a project, he is there for the long haul, no matter the difficulty. He has never been one to give up. He recognizes the challange, asks for help when needed, and goes about the business of creating. I have never witnessed him contemplating giving up. It’s just not in his character. He is a very talented man in many ways: singing, acting, and writing, just to name a few.

Dino Hayz
Creative Director / Owner
Center for Living Arts

Adam is a fantastic employee who can accomplish any task given to him with a great attitude!

Joshua Vine
Retail Operations Manager
Video Games, Etc.

Adam quickly learned to manage his time, work in group situations under strict deadlines, and to recognize the importance of a strong work ethic and persistence. … Demonstrating initiative and dedication, he was quick to learn the tasks handed to him. Adam was an asset to our daily operations and motivated our other employees with his positive attitude.

Adam leads by example and many people here find his enthusiasm and dedication inspiring. He has worked hard to build authentic relationships with the employees. His efforts have created a happier and less stressful work environment for our team.

Olivia Ortega
Item Processing Officer
QCR Holdings, Inc.

Adam is very thorough and detailed. He takes great pride in doing a good job as well as providing excellent customer service to both internal and external customers. He has also been very forthcoming with asking for additional responsibilities and shows an extremely positive attitude towards learning new things.

Kathy Francque
Senior Vice President of Correspondent Banking and Information Services
Quad City Bank & Trust