Puppynauts and Catsteroids

Game Designer / 2D Artist
Indie Galactic Game Jam 2016
September 2016

I worked on Puppynauts and Catsteroids primarily as a game and character designer. This game was my first real experience with UI/UX design and leading all of the 2D visuals for the game. Art has been a passion of mine since childhood, so I thoroughly enjoyed this! The logo I drew up is pretty cute, yeah?

Unannounced Project

Game Writer
Rival Games
Fall 2017

Because this project is currently under an NDA, its contents will have to remain a mystery – for now! What I can tell you is that I worked as a remote writer for an awesome game project and had a total blast doing it.


Game Writer, Programmer, & Designer
Independent RPG Maker MV Project
Winter 2016

Game Writer & Programmer
Independent Twine Project
Spring 2015

Inspired by my favorite game genres, choice-based narratives, Adversity is my take on blending branching, emotional narratives with light-hearted fantasy.
The project started in Twine, and I fell in love with its ability to map out the text-based story in a visual way during development. As someone who loves organization and structure, this really helped me balance such a complex and choice-filled storyline.
Then, taking this project to RPG Maker MV allowed me to update some mechanics and take the story in a new direction. In a sense, it’s more of a reimagining as opposed to a remake or remaster.

Various Titles

Tutorial Designer & Curriculum Writer
Various Platforms
Summer 2015 – Spring 2017

As the primary Game Design course instructor at Full Sail Labs, I created more than 20+ games and tutorials to teach Scratch, Game Maker Studios, Project SPARK, and Unreal Engine 4 to children, ages 6-17.

Classroom Chaos

Game & Narrative Designer
2016 Global Game Jam
Summer 2015 – Spring 2017

Classroom Chaos, or Color Chaos, started as a 2016 Global Game Jam project. As a small group of three, our mission was to create a simple and educational game for children with Cerebral Palsy and strongly focused on the accessibility of the game. Game accessibility is something I’m incredibly passionate about, as I believe everyone should have the ability to enjoy games as much as I do.

Sun Sentinels

Game Writer
WOS Games
Fall 2016

Writing for an Egyptian Mythology-based setting was such an exciting experience. Each chapter focused on a specific God or Goddess with their own unique personality and voice. Sun Sentinels campaigned and was previously greenlit for Steam.

Dragon Age:
The Little Mage

Scenario Designer & Writer
Twine Spec Sample
October 2015

As an exercise, I created this short quest for the Dragon Age: Inquisition universe. The series often shies away from children and younger characters, so I thought it’d be an interesting realm to explore. It also was an excuse to work with Twine and use some super cool art assets from the Dragon Age series.

Minions of Fenrir

Game Designer & Writer
Full Sail University’s 6th Annual Hall of Fame Game Jam
March 2015


Game Designer & Writer
Full Sail University’s 6th Annual Hall of Fame Game Jam
March 2015

Both Planespiration and Minions of Fenrir were designed by the same team of people during the same 24-hour Game Jam event. Because we were a large team, we created two projects to really allow everyone a chance to shine. Personally, I worked heavily on Minions of Fenrir‘s narrative and assisted with Planespiration‘s design.