Adversity Demo Bugs / Errors

Here is a list of bugs or errors found in the current demo.
Please let me know if you find ANY errors (even if they are on the list below!).


  • Ballroom – Mymira/Lanard – After Knight Introduction — Duel animation can stop after talking to one of them.
  • Ballroom – Nobles – Anytime — Dancing can be off after talking with one of the dancers
  • Game froze/broke after selecting “That’s me” in Kaiyo’s Introduction Event
  • Game crashed when approaching Kaiyo in the lower-right of the Ballroom
  • Reading the Love Letter changes the Message Row size for all messages
  • Top Right Knight in the Intro Cutscene is slower than the rest of the other knights


  • “I mean, it is Solia.” (Gardenia – Intro – Money Option) — Period at the end of the sentence is blue, instead of white.
  • “…” (Hero – Intro – Money Option) — Random line break after second period.
  • “Vaermin helmet” (Solian Knight – Entrance – Female Option) — Helmet outline color should not be red.
  • “All this dancing has my famished” (Vegan Princess – Ballroom) — Correct grammar from “my” to “me”
  • Kaiyo – Kaiyo Introduction – Who Was That? Option — “bandits” should be green text instead of white
  • Loud Solian Knight/Elriq – Ballroom – Before Knight Introduction — Name not in name box


  • “What if they don’t like –” (Gardenia – Intro – Distrust Option) — Need to make this auto-advance
  • Ballroom – Maddock – After Knight Introduction — No dialogue.
  • Ballroom – ‘Bitchy Princess’ – Noble Corner — No dialogue.
  • Ballroom – ‘Pianist’ – Noble Corner — No dialogue. Need to correct her name/label.
  • Display message when Examining the Drums/Jugs (Ballroom)
  • Prompt to read the Love Letter immediately
  • Entrance Cutscene — Make Gardenia left faster or go up left stairs instead of right