Adversity Demo

Since you have gotten to this page, I obviously trust you. And want you to playtest my game!

First, thank you so much~! This means a ton to me. And you do, too.


Here’s the link to the game!


Note: I strongly suggest using Firefox when you try to play. For some reason, the game doesn’t seem to like working in Safari… But, has worked for several attempts and testers consistently on Firefox. If you get an error, try closing out and reloading…. That’s the best I can help with, but it worked for me!


This is an EXTREMELY rough draft. And first go around.

I created the game using my 20 Day Trial of RPG Maker MV and still have a TON more that I want to accomplish with it. Essentially, what you’re playing now is my scrambled attempt to finish SOMETHING before the end of the 20 Day Trial. I haven’t even made it to the Inciting Incident of the story! Yikes!

Also — The menu wasn’t touch at all… The music and imagery is all default (characters were customized though!), and I would love to have that be different eventually. And, although not playable, there will be combat!


Please let me know if you find any errors. Already, I have found a few, so I know they’re there.


Happy gaming! <3

And thank you!