As a narrative designer, Adam Kuta’s mission is to help bring more diversity and equality into games. He strives to tell the stories of underdogs, the underrepresented, and marginalized members of society.
Writer Adam Kuta

Adam earned his BFA in Creative Writing for Entertainment from the highly recognized gaming school, Full Sail University. Determined to be his class’s Hermione Granger, Adam graduated as valedictorian and Advanced Achiever in addition to garnering eight different course awards – including transmedia, script, and game writing.

After graduating, Adam worked as a camp facilitator at Full Sail Labs, where he taught children about the awesomeness that is game design and storytelling. Here, he developed an interest in programming and even lead multiple courses on Unreal Engine 4 for high school students.

Now residing in the Greater Seattle Area, Adam works in the game industry and lives with his writer cohort from college. He currently volunteers with About Magazine, an LGBTQ+ focused magazine, as their Social Media Intern.